How to Grow Veggies at Your Condo

Pick the Right Container

If space is limited, start your selection process with container choices. Select the largest size containers that your space can accommodate since bigger containers require less watering. Be sure that containers have drainage
holes for healthy root growth.

Pick the Right Plant

If you only have small containers, herbs might grow best. If you have bigger containers, you might be able to plant multiple plants in one container. Just make sure you group the plants based on similar sunlight and water needs. While many herbs can grow inside, most plants will produce more when they are outside, which means you need to consider weather.

Pick the Right Soil

A potting mix or other type of soil media will work much better than standard garden soil, which may not hold enough moisture for your plants to survive. You may also need to fertilize potted plants more since their growing area is so compact.

How to Plant

Now that you’ve gathered all your materials, you’re ready to plant. Consider using a flattened coffee filter at the bottom of the container so that the soil you add won’t fall from the container’s drainage holes. You can also put some packing peanuts in the bottom of the pot if you are growing a shallow rooted plant in a deep container. This helps reduce the amount of potting soil you have to use.

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